Feed the Kidz Foundation

Olanquan Feed the Kidz Foundation was founded by two International Fashion Models, Orlando Gordon and Quann Boyd.

The foundation was started as the result of an article that Orlando read, as well as the challenge of a friend. While the truth of his friend’s message initially insulted him, it propelled Orlando to realize that his blessings were not being used to their full potential and he needed to give back to the community.Thus, the birth of Olanquan Feed the Kidz Foundation. Quann Boyd as been the face of Olanquan The Feed The Foundation and have been a brand ambassador, A Managing partner in establish the foundation.

The foundation is a non-profit organization where models are given the opportunity to walk for a cause, which provide kids nutritious meals in New York City, Jamaica, Florida and Africa. This platform gives models the means to bridge the gap between hunger and fashion.

The mission of Olanquan Feed The Kidz Foundation is to raise funds to address the epidemic that plagues 62% of the kids in Bronx New York who aren’t getting a nutritious meal. The foundation will ensure that 12 kids on our annual calendar receive nutritious meal package each month. The foundation is working towards creating a calendar which will spotlight a child that will be sponsored monthly.

Orlando is the quintessential, phenomenal, spontaneous, international Fashion model, who is an expert at print, editorial and runway. Germany, London, Holland, Grand Cayman and Barbados are a few countries in which he has gracefully ripped the runway. Charming, caring, willing and determined are a few of the characteristics that can be found in him.

Quann Boyd, an entrepreneur and home owner, a dynamic Model who is an expert in Runway, Editorial and Print. He has worked in South Africa as a Model, Actor and TV Presenter SABTV. Quann has volunteered his time to feed Kids in Nigeria, while in Africa.