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Olanquan Sneakers Black Low Top Leather Sneakers



100% EVA Material soles and insoles chunky sneakers

100% Mesh material upper and lace closer to easy wear

* Best hands washing & air dry only 

* Perfect for every season, wear them all year round 

Olanquan Fashion Boutique

Shoes Black Low Top Leather Sneakers

Product Category
Production Time
5-7 Days
US5.5 (EU36) US6 (EU37) US7 (EU38) US8 (EU39)
US9 (EU40) US10 (EU41) US11 (EU42) US11.5 (EU43)
US12 (EU44) US5 (EU38) US6 (EU39) US7 (EU40)
US7.5 (EU41) US8.5 (EU42) US9.5 (EU43) US10 (EU44)
US11 (EU45) US12 (EU46) US13 (EU47) US14 (EU48)

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* Soft rubble soles for all over printing low top leather shoes 

* Leather upper, mesh cloth lining and EVA padded insoles

* Complete with eyelets and a lace up closure for a classic look

* Perfect for every season, wear them all year round


EXPRESS :3-8 Days STANDARD :15-25 Days

As a child growing up I use to get pick on, my peers would call me name as bigfoot. It was difficult as a child have to live with name calling and being bullied. I am know to be bold, So I am STEPPING OUT WITH FEETS.

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