Orlando Gordon Founder & Chief Production Consultant Orlando is the quintessential, phenomenal, spontaneous, international Fashion model, who is an expert at print, editorial and runway. Germany, London, Holland, Grand Cayman and Barbados are a few countries in which he has gracefully ripped the runway. Charming, caring, willing and determined are a few of the characteristics that can be found in him. He has participated in several Fashion Week shows (Brooklyn, New York, and Queens). After years of hard work and research, he is realizing his dream have come true. In 2014, Olanquan was established.
Starting as a custom brand house, it would become a house hold name — Olanquan Fashion Networking, Olanquan Feed The Kidz Foundation, Olanquan Management Inc, and Olanquan Styling.
Hailing from Kingston Jamaica, his roots are truly Caribbean though he possesses the New York business savvy and experience to match wits with the best of them!
QUANN BOYD – Managing Partner
DENISE MALLETT – Fashion Liaison Director/FL-JA
Denise Washington – Director of Fashion
James Mocko – Web Development